Minaret Classification is a web-based application that displays and navigates Library of Congress classification data.  Classification numbers are the basis for the call numbers assigned to bibliographic material at the Library of Congress and at most research libraries.

Classification data has a hierarchical structure with links (tracings and references) to other places in the data.  Information that is repeated in many places in the classification system is only stored once (in a classification table) and is referred to using links.  Minaret Classification is a customized version of the Minaret collections management software.  The software has been designed and optimized to deliver classification data in the following ways:

Classification data can be displayed on-line in the same manner as the printed version but with browser links to other places in the data, including classification tables.

Classification data can also be displayed and navigated in a hierarchical manner, one level at a time.  The hierarchy can be expanded and collapsed to make the display as relevant as necessary.

References to classification tables can be automatically merged into the classification display.  Best of all, the classification numbers that result from such a merge are automatically calculated for the user.  In other words, tables are handled by Minaret in a way that is transparent to the end-user.

The data is fully searchable via a number of access points, including a keyword search for hard-to-find records.

Users can create their own private notes for any classification number.   These notes appear on-screen, merged in at the appropriate place in the classification display.

We've put together a few screen-shots to illustrate some of the features of Minaret Classification.  So if you're interested, please join us for a brief tour.


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