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The Minaret User Group is a free e-mail based message service for interested Minaret users. In addition to discussions between users, we also post announcements regarding the product.  User's are strongly encouraged to sign up for this free service in order to be be aware of new developments with Minaret.  Not having an Internet account is no excuse.  There are a number of free e-mail services available that only require you to have a modem.  One such service is Juno, which has local access numbers all over the country.

The user group works like this: Everyone who signs up for the service is added to an e-mail list. Whenever someone sends  an e-mail message to the user group, it is automatically forwarded to everyone on the e-mail list.  The person who sends a message does not get a copy back, however. For your information, the computer that maintains the mailing list and forwards all of that e-mail is usually called a "list server".

To receive the e-mail that is generated by the Minaret User Group, send an e-mail message to the following address:


The body of your message should read as follows (you don't need to fill in the subject):

subscribe mug first_name last_name

Remember to use your first and last name in the message. Here is an example if your name was Jane Doe:

subscribe mug Jane Doe

You will receive an acknowledgment e-mail back some time later. It is very important to note that you only use the above e-mail address to subscribe and unsubscribe from the mailing list. You send your messages for the user group to a different e-mail address. This will all be explained in the welcome letter you receive after you subscribe.

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